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Bed Rest: Blessing in Disguise

Bed rest can be a blessing in disguise. As your body is baking a bun in the oven, slowing down may not be a part of your temperament. Today’s modern mom is filled with ambitions and goals, so chances are bed rest wasn’t in the forecast. Anyway, face it; to maintain your beauty, you must rest.

Here is advice for conquering best rest and turning it into a charming gift.

  • Take on a hobby: This is the perfect opportunity to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. Explore knitting or crocheting. The clickety-clack of metal needles can be soothing. It’ll keep you mentally fit and help your motor skills.
  • Keep your laptop nearby: Research your ideas of interest. YouTube has a wealth of information and inspirational videos. Learn something new on Facebook or Twitter. Explore Linked In to network on a professional level.
  • Shop Virtually: What a perfect time to comparison shop. Find good deals on eBay. You have plenty of time to bid. Create registry for your baby shower. Then treat yourself to something special.

There is no need to see bed rest as humdrum house arrest. Enjoy your down time and create peace in your life, now is the time to be still because you are going to be a busy bee.